Ume Maru: Singapore’s First Secret Craft Whisky & Bespoke Cocktail Bar At Far East Plaza

Attention book lovers and Japanophiles! Discover Ume Maru, Singapore’s first secret craft whisky and bespoke cocktail bar at Far East Plaza, inspired by Jimbocho, Tokyo’s famous bookstore district.


Ume Maru: Newest Hot Spot At Far East Plaza

Combining a love of books with exquisite craft spirits, enjoy a unique, literary-themed atmosphere with specially curated whiskies and cocktails that transport you straight to Japan.

From the team behind Ume San 100, immerse yourself in a new manga and anime experience. Enjoy the world’s widest range of craft whiskies and custom cocktails. To find Ume Maru, look for floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with colourful manga, anime books, and graphic magazines. Push past the literature to discover more manga on screens playing all night long. Additional comics are available for reading while you wait or enjoy your drink.

Look no further for your next escape into the world of manga and anime. Enjoy your favorite drink alongside specially selected bar bites and hot mains, all in a unique, immersive setting.

What’s On The Menu

Taking its food menu as seriously as its anime and manga collection, Ume Maru serves up a variety of bar bites and hot dishes that will satisfy all your cravings for Japan.

Photo: Kitsune Udon

The Kitsune Udon ($22) is a warm and hearty starter featuring Inaniwa udon encased in a kitsune pouch. This comforting dish includes savoury minced pork and fragrant spring onions in a rich dashi broth, served with crunchy tempura bits on the side.

The skewers at Ume Maru are generous and meaty, like the Wagyu Kushi ($24). These skewers feature cuts of Wagyu with exceptional marbling, grilled to achieve melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. The beef is cut into perfect bite-sized portions, with each mouthful bursting with rich, buttery taste and texture.

Maki rolls come with a sizzling twist, featuring the Truffle Hotplate Maki ($20). This roll includes baked unagi, kyuri, and tempura bits, topped with salmon, tartar sauce, kaiware, and tobiko. Served on a hot sizzling plate, this dish retains the perfect temperature for an indulgent experience.


Noodles shine with the Yuzu Soba ($24), featuring soba noodles tossed in a tantalizing yuzu sauce and served with whole medallions of pan-seared hotate scallops.

On The Drinks Menu

Libations are equally clever and meaningful, boasting cocktails inspired by renowned anime and manga titles, perfect for every true enthusiast.


The Songbird takes its inspiration from the anime “Belle,” which follows Suzu’s journey as she conquers her fear of singing in public by immersing herself in a virtual world. Through her adventure, Suzu discovers her true self and the courage to pursue her singing dreams.

The cocktail’s bright red color pays homage to Suzu’s dress and the iconic Japanese Red Songbird, known for its melodious tunes during Japan’s vibrant spring season. This refreshing drink features a light and fruity blend of strawberry umeshu, vodka, sakura, lavender, and citrus.


The Light of Nara draws inspiration from The Shishigami Forest Spirit in the anime “Princess Mononoke,” depicted as the god of life and death who possesses the power to heal all illnesses and curses with a spell. This deity’s earthly representation often resembles a deer, a common sight in Nara City.

Capturing the essence of both elements, this cocktail is fruity, elegant, and captivating. It’s crafted from the top three fruits of Nara: muscat umeshu, nashi pear umeshu, rose vermouth, and persimmon vinegar.

The Matxha is inspired by the favourite drink of Eru Chitanda in the anime “Hyouka.” It also draws influence from the anime “K-On,” where characters frequently gather in their after-school Light Music Club to enjoy matcha green tea together.

This cocktail offers a unique spin on traditional matcha flavours by incorporating yuzu essence and elderflower liqueur, creating a complete Japanese sensation in every sip.

The Tiffany Sky is a sight to behold, drawing inspiration from the blue sky above the frolicking Gems in the animation “Land of the Lustrous.” Its colour is carefully crafted to resemble the iconic trademark of New York-based jeweler Tiffany & Co., known for captivating icons like Audrey Hepburn and Beyoncé.

Interestingly, Tiffany has a rich history in Japan, dating back to its opening in the Mitsukoshi department store in November 1972. Translating its colour to taste, this cocktail features sake, vodka, cucumber, sea salt, and orange liqueur.

On The Whisky Menu

For whisky aficionados, Ume Maru offers the Craft Whisky Tasting Set, a chance to indulge in a selection of craft whiskies from around the world, many of which are exclusive to the bar. Each flight includes three 30ml tasters. The Japanese Whisky Set ($42) features the best of Japan’s malts, including Koh-Kun, Reiki Blended, and Kamiki Sakura Wood. Meanwhile, the Scotch Whisky Set ($34) showcases Scotland’s finest with Compass Box Orchard House, Compass Box Peat Monster, and Wolfburn Aurora.

Discover the unexpected with the New World Whisky Set ($32), which explores new terroirs not traditionally associated with whisky-making but are nevertheless making waves. This set includes Royal Black Royale, Royal Special Edition, and Imperial 12-Year-Old.

For those seeking top-shelf pours, the Premium Craft Whisky Set ($58) offers a luxurious experience with selections like Royal Blue Royale, Compass Box Hedonism, and Wolfburn Small Batch 177.

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Address: Far East Plaza, #05-26/26A, Singapore 228213

Operation Hours: Daily, 12pm to 2pm & 5pm to 11pm

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