90-Year-Old Tan Hock Seng Confectionery At Telok Ayer To Close Permanently In November

For those who love their traditional Hokkien pastries, Tan Hock Seng Confectionery at Telok Ayer is probably no stranger to you. Having been around for over 90 years, they have been serving more than 40 different kinds of traditional pastries. Some of their best-sellers are their Beh Teh Saw and Tau Sar Piah. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and they will be closing their doors at the end of November.

90-Year-Old Traditional Confectionery Closing Its Doors

Photo: Carl Neo (Facebook)
Image: Carl Neo (Facebook)

The current owner, Mr. Tan Boon Chai, 70, is the third-generation owner and took over the business from his father at 20. His grandfather, Mr. Tan Tiam first started the business in 1931 at China Street. The shop then moved to Upper Pickering Street for five years in the early 1990s before settling at Far East Square in 2000.

However, rising rental costs and shortage of manpower have been challenging for Mr. Tan. Having to work very long hours 364 days a year, carrying on the manual operations of the traditional confectionery made sustaining the business difficult. Because of that, unfortunately, the shop was made to close its doors at the end of November.

Photo: Carl Neo (Facebook)
Image: Carl Neo (Facebook)


Tan Hock Seng serves a plethora of pastries such as ang ku kueh, tau sar piah, pepper biscuits, and lao po bing. Additionally, with it currently being Mid-Autumn Festival, Tan Hock Seng also serves up scrumptious traditional mooncakes for everyone to enjoy. The mooncakes are made with fillings such as lotus, red bean paste, and Wu Ren (mixed nuts). Additionally, preserved winter melon and lard are also used. Besides the mooncakes, the Scholar Piah (状元饼) is also made once a year in September.

Photo: Carl Neo (Facebook)
Image: Carl Neo (Facebook)


Hurry Down to Tan Hock Seng Now!

As Tan Hock Seng Confectionery will be closing at the end of November, do head down and show your support! As they serve up an array of delicious pastries, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy. For those who have not tried them yet, hurry down now while you still have a chance!

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Address: 86 Telok Ayer St, #01-01, Singapore 048469

Operating Hours: Daily except for Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., Sun, 12:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Cover Photo: Carl Neo (Facebook)

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