Takeshi-San Serves Fresh Sushi On Aesthetically Pleasing Wooden Ladder In Singapore

Japanese food is a form of art. It takes a lot of skills to create the perfect piece of sushi. There are many restaurants in Singapore that offer perfect pieces of sushi, and we have just found one that elevates their presentation – literally.


Fresh Sushi On Aesthetically Pleasing Wooden Ladder

Photo: @foodieggy (Instagram)
Photo: @takeshisansg (Instagram)

Newly opened, Takeshi-San’s Sushi Kaidan Set took over Instagram feed due to its aesthetically pleasing presentation. Served on a tiny wooden ladder, Sushi Kaidan Set comprises different types of sushi to choose from. Opt for Nigiri Set, Salmon Set, Kaidan Basic Set, Aburi Mentai Set, Takeshi Set, and many more.

Photo: @takeshisansg (Instagram)
Photo: @takeshisansg (Instagram)

Here are some details: 

  • Nigiri Set ($18)
  • Salmon Set ($18)
  • Kaidan Basic Set ($18)
  • Aburi Mentai Set ($22)
  • Takeshi Set ($26)
  • Foie Gras Set ($28)
  • Ultimate Uni Set ($48)
  • Aburi Cheese Set ($22)
Photo: @calvin_oky (Instagram)
Photo: @foodieggy (Instagram)

Apart from Sushi Kaidan Set, Takeshi-San offers many other interesting eats. Indulge in premium sushi such as Aburi Salmon Belly Foie Gras, and Aburi Hotate Uni. Start your meals with Truffled Edamame and Uni Chawanmushi. Or, go big with Takeshi Chirasi Don, and A5 Wagyu Beef Pasta. To check out the full menu, you can click right here.

Photo: @takeshisansg (Instagram)

Stairway To Heavenly Sushi At Takeshi-San

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Address: 38 Lor Mambong, Singapore 277694

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.

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