Starbucks Singapore Releases Adorable Moon Bunny Theme Drinkware With Cute Designs!

Our previous article on Starbucks features their newly released tote and sling bags for your daily essentials. Adding to their collection of merchandises are their newly released set of drinkware from their Mid-Autumn collection. The Starbucks Singapore Mid-Autumn 2021 Collection will focus on the moon bunny, with elegant starry patterns.

The drinkware are now available in stores and on the Starbucks Flagship Store on LazMall and Shopee Mall.

Starbucks Moon Bunny Theme

Photo:@starbuckssg (Instagram)

Do note not all of the items are currently available online. The bunny-shaped cup on the extreme left is currently unavailable online. However, the Floppy Bunny Mug ($28.90) on the extreme right is available on Shopee. Right in the center is the Stargazing Bunny Cold Cup ($29.90) to help keep your drinks at optimal temperature. Additionally, the cup features the design of a bunny gazing up at the constellations in the night sky.

Image:@starbuckssg (Instagram)

Currently, the only item available in this photo is the Starry Night Mug ($29.90) on the extreme left. Isn’t it a beauty? The geometric silhouette mixed with the blue gradient fading into the white truly makes it stunning.

Photo:@starbuckssg (Instagram)

Who wants to drink their water and look cool doing it? Drink your water with pizazz with the Gradient Blue Glass Jar ($37.90). A beautiful piece that features the brand’s siren logo, it is certain to catch the attention of everyone around you.

Image:@starbuckssg (Instagram)


The Bunny in the Moon Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($36.90) on the left is perfect for those who prefer to carry big bottles. The Bunny Constellation Water Bottle ($24.90) on the right is slightly smaller, with a yellow wrist strap attached for easy carrying. The tumbler in the middle however, is currently not listed online.

Photo:@starbuckssg (Instagram)

Adding to the collection of Starbucks ever-popular tumblers and water bottles are the following new items:

Aesthetic as they are functional, they make the perfect water bottles and tumblers for your daily use. Additionally, they are all made from stainless steel, making them suitable for storing both hot and iced drinks.

Adorable & Fluffy Accessory

Image: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

Its so fluffy! The Floppy Bunny Pouch ($27.90) is perfect for holding your small items while looking cute at the same time. Additionally, the medallion keychain with its aesthetic design helps to dress up the plain white pouch.

Get Starbucks Mid-Autumn Festival Collection Now!

To check out Starbucks full Mid-Autumn collection, do check out their website for all of the items. Additionally, you can also head to their official Shopee Mall and LazMall stores. If a particular item happens to be sold out on one platform, be sure to check the other! Alternatively, you head down to your nearest store to get them too! These items are selling out fast so hurry and get yours today!

Cover Photo: @starbuckssg (Instagram)

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