Starbucks Singapore Introduces New Tumblers, Mugs & Cards For Christmas Collection

Just last week, Starbucks Singapore had just dropped its Christmas collection. But, we all know that it is not going to be the last drop we will see from the coffee franchise. Just one week apart, Starbucks Singapore introduces new tumbler, mugs, and Starbucks cards! The latest collection has prints of different types of animals including fox, owl, polar bear, penguin, and more! Check it all out here!

Starbucks Singapore Christmas Collection

Holiday Cheer

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 16oz: $44.90 Middle, 12oz (Tumbler, with charm): $23.90. Right, 16oz: $26.90.

Owl Hour

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 20oz: $42.90. Right, 13oz: $36.90.

Be Merry

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left to right: 12oz: $34.90. 16oz (Tumbler with Charm): $26.90. 20oz: $39.90. 12oz: $39.90.

Silent Night

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Both items, 16oz: $45.90 each.

Oh, Deer

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

16oz: $45.90. Available at selected stores.


Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 12oz: $39.90. Middle, 12oz: $33.90. Right, 16oz: $22.90.

Festive Cheer

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 16oz: $26.90. Right, 12oz: $19.90. Both items are only available at selected stores.

Mister Fox

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 10oz (Mug with Stirrer): $22.90. Right, 12oz: $23.90. Both items are only available at selected stores.

White Christmas

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Left, 14oz: $22.90. Right, 16oz: $26.90. Both items are only available at selected stores.

Holiday Traditions

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Both: $19.90 each. Available at selected stores.

Merry Cards

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Website)

Load a minimum of $10 into the Starbucks Card.

What will you be getting?

There is so many cute merchandises on the latest Christmas collection. The colour combinations are just so good. We love the idea that the Starbucks card matches the tumblers! Be right back, we will be heading to the nearest Starbucks to get our hands on some of these tumblers. Will you be getting any tumblers from the latest collection?

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