Starbucks S’pore Launches Highly Anticipated Sakura Collection On 24th February

It is the most important time of the year for Starbucks! No doubt, Starbucks is the queen of launching new collections of merchandise, and the most highly anticipated will always be the Sakura Collection. Pretty in pink, Sakura Collection is always flying off from shelves. Are you ready for the 2021 collection?


Starbucks S’pore’s Sakura Collection 2021

The latest collection is a combination of pink and blue hues. Available from 24th February onwards, the first drop (we are assuming that there more drops ’cause a) there were multiple drops the previous years and b) the collection looks a little incomplete) will be available via LazMall and Shopee Mall at 12:00 p.m.!

Behold, here are all the beautiful tumblers, and mugs!

Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 13oz: $38.90 16oz: $36.90 12oz: $39.90
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 12oz: $45.90 16oz: $53.90 12oz: $39.90
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 8oz: $43.90*


Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 12oz: $23.90 20oz: $29.90 24.5oz: $32.90^
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 24oz: $28.90*
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 16oz: $44.90^ 12oz: $23.90 20oz: $49.90 12oz: $39.90^ 16oz: $45.90^
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 10oz: $45.90#
Image: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | From left to right: 18oz: $49.90* 12oz: $34.90* 12oz: $39.90*
Photo: Starbucks Singapore (Facebook) | 16oz: $26.90

Get Sakura Collection Via LazMall Or Shopee Mall

Which of these tumblers and mugs are your favourites? Let us know in the comments!

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