Signature by KOI Is Releasing Rum & Raisin Earl Grey & VSOP Ruby On 1st March

Can you think of a better combination of boba tea and alcohol? Of course, you can. But, there’s no doubt that this combination is pretty elite.

Signature by KOI Is Releasing Rum & Raisin Earl Grey & VSOP Ruby

Photo: Signature by KOI

This combination is nothing new, as Signature by KOI had previously release other flavours before. This time around, Signature by KOI is dropping two beverages. Introducing Rum & Raisin Earl Grey, and VSOP Ruby.

Photo: Signature by KOI

Kicking off with Rum and Raisin Earl Grey ($9.60), this alcoholic bubble tea is made with Earl Grey Milk and a shot of Dark Rum. To finish, it is complete with a scoop of Rum & Raisin ice-cream. The alcoholic percentage is only 2%.

Photo: Signature by KOI

If you’re looking for more, you can opt for another shot of Dark Rum for $2. For this beverage, you can opt for one free topping such as boba, mini bubbles, konjac pearls, coconut coffee jelly, and oats.

Photo: Signature by KOI

The next beverage is VSOP Ruby ($14.90), this concoction is a combination of Sun Moon Lake Black Tea with a shot of VSOP Brandy. Similarly, this has 2% of alcohol. For an additional shot, it will be an additional $3. You have options for hot or cold.

Available From 1st March 2021

Photo: Signature by KOI

Please do take note that these beverages are only available for the age 18 and above.

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