This Scrumptious Bowl Of XO Black Mee Sua At Ang Mo Kio Will Have You Coming Back For More!

Mee Sua is a dish most of us would have probably tried at least once before. But have you ever tried Black Mee Sua? If you haven’t yet, then you’re in for a treat! Situated at Ang Mo Kio is Shiok Shiok Noodles that is run by a young hawker who serves a tasty bowl of Black Mee Sua. What’s even better, XO is added into the dish to elevate it to another level! This XO Black Mee Sua is definitely a must try and you’ll be hooked on the first sip!

Scrumptious XO Black Mee Sua At Ang Mo Kio

Photo:@walletonlyfivedollars (Instagram)
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Black Mee Sua is certainly a rare dish to find nowadays, with Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup being one of the only other places that serves this dish. Unlike the typical Chinese and Taiwanese ones we are used to, Black Mee Sua has more of a thicker and darker coloured soup.  Additionally, mixed pig organs are usually added in. What makes Shiok Shiok Noodles stand out is the addition of XO into their mee sua which brings the dish to another level. Every sip would want to make you exclaim “Shiok!”.

Photo:@matildalim (Instagram)

The XO Black Mee Sua ($8.50) comes with pork meat, liver, and kidney in a fragrant black soup. The soup is boiled for a whole day, and the time and effort results in a savoury and flavorful pork broth. The addition of the XO helps to elevate the flavours of the soup, making every sip super shiok! The mee sua is cooked perfectly and soaks up the flavours of the soup. Every slurp of the mee sua is simply an explosion of flavour!

The liver and kidney are cooked perfectly and the textures complement the mee sua nicely. Additionally, heavenly fried lard pieces are also added for extra flavour and crunch. For those who would like to try it without the XO, it is served at $7, although having it with the XO is highly recommended.


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Try Shiok Shiok Noodles Now!

Besides the XO Black Mee Sua, Shiok Shiok Noodles also serves a delectable bowl of Bak Chor Mee and even a Mala version of it! Even though the stall only opened mid-September last year, they have already garnered quite a following of regulars. This is a testament of how scrumptious the food is! Do note they close at 2pm daily so head down early to not miss out! Hurry down and try it now!

Address: Block 341 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Stall No. #01-07, 560341

Operating Hours: Daily, 6:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Cover Photo:  @walletonlyfivedollars (Instagram), @matildalim (Instagram)

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