Poulet Singapore Known For French Roast Chicken Is Now Officially Halal Certified


  • Poulet Singapore is now officially Halal certified.
  • It is notable for French Roast Chicken, among other French favourites.
  • It has multiple locations around Singapore.

Hello, friends! With so many locations around Singapore, we are sure that you have stumbled upon Poulet before. Find it at prominent locations such as Raffles City, VivoCity, Bugis +, among many others. With a casual setting, Poulet has been the go-to spot to savour in the best French roast chicken islandwide. Now, everyone can feast on the best chick in town!

Poulet Singapore Is Officially Halal Certified

Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)

Surprise, surprise! Poulet is now officially Halal certified. Yup, that’s alright. All the stores located in Singapore is now Muslim-friendly. This has been confirmed by one of the representatives of the company. In addition to this, Poulet’s Facebook Page has been changed its information to ‘Poulet is Halal certified’. So, what’s good on the menu for all of us to try?

Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)

Poulet’s signature dish is none other than French Roast Chicken. It comes in three different sizes; Whole ($30.90), Half ($16.90), and Quarter ($14.90). To elevate the taste of the signature dish, there are many options for sauces, too. Select from Cranberry Sauce, Lemon Sauce, Diane Sauce, and Mushroom Cream Sauce. Apart from the signature dish, Poulet offers other French Onion Soup, Aglio Olio, among other French favourites.

All Locations In Singapore Are Now Halal Certified

Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)
Photo: Poulet Singapore (Facebook)

Indeed, this is a really big move for Poulet. Apart from going to the restaurants scattered around Singapore, Poulet is also available online! So, if you would like to indulge in some French roasted chicken, you know what to do! So, are you excited about Poulet being officially Halal? Let us know in the comments. See you in the next post!

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