Popular Bakery @Lavender Is Coming To Jewel Changi Airport

Sourcing out exquisite patisserie across Malaysia since 2000 and enticing sweet tooth cravers across borders, the travel to your favorite bakery shortens as Lavender makes it way to Jewel Changi Airport on the 17th April 2019!


Popular Malaysian Bakery Is Finally Here In Singapore!

Well, what’s the scream about? Daily produce of soft and rich buns, French-style choux cream puffs, kaya jam, Belgian chocolate ganache, steamed puddings, and a plethora of macarons with the charcoal-infused loaves sourced out way back before the hype started and pretty much, amazing local, Japanese and Frensch sweet treats made from scratch using natural and wholesome ingredients with no added preservatives. Cheap, Quality and just nothing better!

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Mastering between European, French, Italian and Japanese cuisines, a touchdown at Jewel Changi Airport may just be a treat!

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Make Your Way To  Lavender Bakery @ Jewel Changi Airport!

There ain’t no such thing a pastry overload especially when its melt in your mouth goodness! So come on over on the 17th of April before the flight for some pampering and better yet pack some to bring out some smiles at home.

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Lavender Bakery

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Address: 78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport, Singapore 819666
Number: +60 7-335 996

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