New Flavour: Salt & Lychee Pepsi Is Now Available In Cheers Singapore For $2.60


  • Pepsi’s Salt & Litchi is now available in Cheers Singapore.
  • It is imported from Japan.
  • It is priced at $2.60.

Hello, friends! One thing is for sure, Japan is always on top of the game when it comes to introducing new products. We are sure that there’s one thing on our bucket list – to try out all the flavours from Japan’s Kit Kat! Every now and then, there will be some Japanese products making their way to Singapore. This time around, there’s a new flavour from Pepsi.

Salt & Lychee Pepsi Is Now Available In Cheers Singapore

Photo: @kreepersin (Instagram)
Photo: @chibimikan.itadaki (Instagram)

That’s right, Pepsi has a new flavour, Salt & Lychee, and it is now available at all Cheers outlets for $2.60. Imported from Japan, do take note that the packaging doesn’t look like the usual Pepsi packaging. With the logo front and center, the background shows a ‘burst’ of Pepsi, something that you’ll see if you shake the beverage before opening. So tempting.

Photo: @slodyczowo_sklep (Instagram)
Photo: @dessertaddictsanonymous (Instagram)

Netizens who had tried the beverage mentioned that the taste of lychee is much stronger in comparison with the flavour of the salt. However, there’s a hint of saltiness in the aftertaste. So, if you’re a big fan of salty candies such as Himalaya Salt Candy that took the convenience stores by storm last year, this is something that you will need to try out as soon as possible.

Pepsi’s Salt & Litchi Is Priced At $2.60

Photo: Cheers Singapore (Facebook)

Apart from Pepsi’s Salt & Litchi, some other new things in Cheers include FroPro, an all-natural ingredients ice-cream with no sugar added. Flavours include the usual favourites such as Chocolate and Strawberry. Perfect way to treat yourself before Christmas! Will you be trying out the latest beverage in Cheers? Let us know in the comments! See you in the next post.

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