NEW: First Xing Fu Tang in Singapore Opening On 28th June!

It's Finally Here!

We’ve all heard about Xing Fu Tang’s upcoming opening in Singapore, right? Well, the highly-anticipated opening is happening tomorrow! Their first store that will be at Century Square will open their doors to eager customers on Friday, 28 June 2019. Proudly taking on the title of ‘Taiwan No. 1’, here are the drinks that you should watch out for when you go to the Xing Fu Tang Singapore Opening!

Taiwanese BBT Xing Fu Tang Opening Highly Anticipated by Singaporeans!

1. Brown Sugar Boba Milk

xing fu tang singapore

This is their number 1 drink. Classic Brown Sugar Boba Milk that takes on a very familiar appearance from the outside – caramel golden-brown syrup decorating the walls of the cup, filled with fresh milk and a generous scoop of boba pearls. However, their pearls are truly what sets them apart from the rest. They are known for their traditional ‘stir-fried’ pearls, where the pearls are steeped in thick, sticky brown sugar syrup. That’s not all. After topping the drink with some cream, they sprinkle the drink with brown sugar and torch the top!

What you may not know is that you have to stir the drink 18 times to mix up everything in there evenly, ensuring a more delightful bubble tea experience!

The milk tea is richer and creamier than most other bubble milk tea, probably due to the mixture of the milk and cream. The torched brown sugar on the top melts, then hardens, forming a sweet crisp crunchy layer on the top. You can break it up with your straw and mix it in with the rest of your drink to enjoy mouthfuls of soft pearls and crunchy brown sugar bits with every sip!

2. Mango Smoothie with Rabbit Panna Cotta

You’ve seen this cup of adorableness all over your feed – it is the Mango Smoothie with Rabbit Panna Cotta! If you haven’t, don’t be shocked by “Rabbit Panna Cotta”. No rabbits were harmed in the making of this drink!

If the Brown Sugar Boba Milk is too jelat for you, this is a less creamy and milky drink that you can get at Xing Fu Tang. The refreshing Mango Smoothie is a great thirst-quencher in the super hot weather here. On top of the smoothie sits an adorable little white bunny (that is actually panna cotta pudding shaped into a rabbit).

Despite their pop-up store at Takashimaya that ended just a while ago, this drink was not available there. So it will be their first time launching this drink in Singapore and we just can’t wait to try this! Remember to snap an instaworthy shot of your Mango Smoothie with Rabbit Panna Cotta before you dig into it!

3. Matcha Boba Milk with Pink Pearls

Matcha is a favourite ingredient in desserts and drinks, so if you are a fan of matcha, make sure you try out this drink!

The Matcha Boba Milk is one of their best-selling drinks, and it will also first be launched in Singapore on their opening day. You can see the beautifully-crafted gradient from the white fresh milk to the green layer of matcha. To add more colour to the drink, a heap of pink pearls are added instead of the usual black pearls. Plus, what is bubble tea without pearls?

4. Grapefruit Green Tea

Taiwanese fruit tea is another popular drink besides their milk tea. Xing Fu Tang’s Grapefruit Green Tea has a very strong citrus fragrance, combined with the slightly bitter taste of the tea. It is especially refreshing out of all the drinks we tasted and is great for those who don’t like a drink that is too sweet.

5. Boba Milk Tea

A classic at any bubble tea joint, the Boba Milk Tea is truly a goodie but an oldie. Their milk tea is smooth and not too sweet, with their signature brown sugar pearls adding that bit of sweetness to the drink. It is not as creamy as their Brown Sugar Boba Milk, if you’re looking for a lighter option.

Xing Fu Tang Singapore Opening To Feature These All-Time Bestsellers On 28th June!

After a long wait, Singapore is going to have our very own Xing Fu Tang outlet! No need to fly all the way to Taiwan to get a sip of their ‘number one milk tea’ now. Plus, Easties can celebrate because their first store will be at the very heart of East Singapore, at Century Square! Xing Fu Tang Singapore opening will feature these handful of bestsellers, and we can’t wait for you to try them out!

Xing Fu Tang

Location: 2 Tampines Central 5, Century Square Level 1, Singapore 529509


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