McDonald’s Long-Awaited Samurai Burger To Return On Sept 22!

In a teaser post released on social media three days ago, McDonald’s Singapore hinted at the return of the long-awaited Samurai burger to the fast food chain’s menu for a limited time only from Sept 22 onwards. The post urged Singaporeans to prepare their appetites for a treat that’s coming their way “reaaal soon”.

McDonald’s Samurai Burger Returns

Photo: @chloe_3617 (Instagram)
Photo: @food_craze1234_official (Instagram)

Since then, McDonald’s has confirmed that the much-beloved burger will be making a comeback in stores on September 22. For the uninitiated, the Samurai Burger usually comes with beef or chicken options, together with single or double patty versions. Thanks to the generous amount of yummy teriyaki sauce that the patties are slathered in, digging into this legendary burger is usually a messy but gratifying affair.

Single And Double Patties With Yummy Teriyaki Sauce

Photo: @mcdsg (Instagram)
Photo: @danny_x_eats (Instagram)

Usually paired with the equally popular Seaweed Mcshaker Fries, McDonald’s has not released any news of the fries availability in this year’s comeback.

One of Mcdonald’s seasonal menu items that has won the hearts of locals, head down to your nearest outlet to grab a bite of the Samurai burger once it hits the stores!


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Cover Photo: McDonald’s Singapore, @mcdsg (Instagram), @danny_x_eats (Instagram)

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