This Home-Based Bakery With A Long Waiting List Serves Mentaiko Brioche Buns!

For Mentaiko lovers, are you tired of having the usual mentaiko dishes? Madu Bakery serves delectable Mentaiko Brioche Buns for you to satisfy those cravings! Soft and fluffy buns mixed with your all-time favourite mentaiko sauce, doesn’t that get your mouth watering?


Madu Bakery Mentaiko Brioche Buns


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This homemade brioche bun comes with delicious Aburi Mentai Mayo, Japanese Mentaiko, topped with Japanese Tobiko. Other ingredients include eggs and dairy, cheddar and parmesan, white sesame seeds, black pepper, and parsley. As the quality is assured in the bread as well as the sauce, this makes it perfect for all the bread lovers out there as well.


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The Mentaiko Brioche Bun is certain to put a smile on every mentaiko lover’s face. It is soft and fluffy and has a creamy and utterly delicious mentaiko and cheese filling. To top it off, more mentaiko and tobiko is added on top of the bun. Every bite has a burst of mentaiko and cheese flavour, with a nice kick of pepperiness. Additionally, the savouriness of the filling complements the sweetness of the tobiko. On top of that, the tobiko adds a pleasant crunch to the bun.

Madu Bakery also has other popular flavours such as Classic Garlic and Umami Mushroom. The Classic Garlic has a sweet garlic cheese filling and has chunks of garlic sprinkled on top. The Umami Mushroom has sweet and soft shimeji mushrooms while the furikake and bonito flakes help give the umami flavour.

Hurry And Place Your Orders!

As of now currently, Madu Bakery is fully booked for the month of August. Only limited slots are available for each month so do place your orders early to get yours! Madu Bakery offers both self-collection and delivery services. Prices for delivery differ based on location. Hurry and order yours today!


Do check out their Instagram page for updates and for placing orders!

For all the bread lovers out there, do check out Mother Dough Bakery!

Pick-Up Location: Central Area


Operating Hours for Self-Collection: 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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