Keong Saik Bakery Is Best Known For Their Burnt Cheesecake And Lots of Unique Pastries!

For the burnt cheesecake lovers!

Keong Saik Bakery located at Keong Saik Road is a traditional yet contemporary bakery. This modern bakery aims to bridge the past and present through varying baking styles and flavor combinations!

Traditional Meets Modern Style Bakery Located At Keong Saik Road!

Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)

Named after the street that it is located at, Keong Saik Bakery does not only serve bread, pastries, and cakes but extremely unique and interesting ones too! All of their baked good are made freshly in-house, with no preservative used.

Hence, here are some of their signature pastries that you need to try! You’ll be blown away for sure.

Signature Burnt Cheesecake

Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)
Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)

To begin with, what makes Keong Saik Bakery’s Burnt Cheesecake stand out from the rest is that it is made using a total of 4 kinds of cheese. Besides the Original Burnt Cheesecake ($7.50), they also have Matcha Burnt Cheesecake ($8) and Two-Face ($8). Two-Face is a combination of Original on the top layer and Matcha at the bottom layer.

Signature Cruffin

Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)
Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)

A cross between a muffin and a croissant gives you a Cruffin! Subsequently, this is another one of Keong Saik Bakery’s signature pastries, something that you can’t find elsewhere. Served warm, the Cruffin filling oozes out like lava! They even have Burnt Cruffin for those who like the Chao Da taste. In addition, definitely try out their Matcha Burnt Cheese Cruffin ($6) and their Milo Kosong Gao Cruffin ($4.50) for a different experience!

Sor Hei – Black & White Danish Pastry

Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)
Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)

The Sor Hei ($4) is another of Keong Saik Bakery’s signature pastry. Ultimately, it is a Black and White Danish Pastry consisting of chocolate chips within the many layers of the pastry. Ask for it to be heated, and the chocolate chips will be oozy and half-melted. Crispy and buttery on the outside while still fluffy on the inside, this is a must-try at Keong Saik Bakery!

All-Day Breakfast

Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)
Photo: @keongsaikbakery (Instagram)

At Keong Saik Bakery, they also offer an All-Day Breakfast Set ($5.20)which is pretty affordable! Coupled with 1 cup of teh-o/kopi-o and 2 soft-boiled egg, you can choose any bun ($2.50 and below or Kaya Toast! Hence, we recommend you to try the XO Lup Cheong ($2.50) and the Coconut Bun ($2.20) if you’re looking for something interesting for breakfast.

Must-Visit Local Bakery With A Contemporary Twist!

If you’re looking for a small sit-down cafe to catch up with your long lost friends, Keong Saik Bakery is the place to visit! Sip on some traditional coffee and enjoy some treats from the wide variety of pastries served there.

Address: 41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089146

Contact: 6909 3199

Operating Hours: Mon (7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.) | Tues-Fri (7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.) | Sat-Sun (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)

Links: Website | Facebook | Instagram 

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