Indonesia To Begin Shipping 50 Tonnes Of Frozen Chicken Export To Singapore

Today, Indonesia exported 50 tonnes of frozen chicken to Singapore (Jul 13). This is the first consignment of goods to Singapore by Indonesian businesses under a new agreement. A Singapore importer has contracted with Charoen Pokphand Indonesia (CPI). They’re a division of the Thai food behemoth Charoen Pokphand, to receive 1,000 tonnes of chicken meat over the course of the year. Our chicken shortage could well be resolved with Indonesia’s Chicken Export.

Indonesia Begins Chicken Exports To SG

Photo: @syasinlimpo (Instagram)

Syahrul Yasin Limpo, the minister of agriculture for Indonesia, who was in attendance at the ceremony. He said “Singapore holds its food imports to a high standard. I’m hoping that this shipment will increase foreign consumers’ trust in Indonesian food exports.” Reporters were also informed by the minister that President Joko Widodo gave domestic needs and food security in Indonesia first priority.

Image: sinarmustikaraya (Instagram)

As a result of the current overstock of chicken, Indonesia is able to sell chicken goods abroad. Also, this will encourage producers to increase their output so they can continue to enjoy their excess, meet the demand for chicken products around the world, and still maintain local price stability and food security. Also, three Indonesian businesses have authorization to import chicken meat and chicken meat products into Singapore. This is according to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Look Forward To Indonesia’s Chicken Export!

With Indonesia’s chicken export, we no longer have to worry about a shortage. Also, there are many benefits to working with Indonesia on this Issue. However, it may take awhile for these changes to take affect so do take note.

Cover Photo: @syasinlimpo (Instagram), @sinarmustikaraya (Instagram)

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