Hidden Ramen Joint In Novena Offers Premium Ebi Ramen From $10.80 & 50% Off 2nd Bowl

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When it comes to Ramen, no one can resist it. We mean, just imagine a bowl of springy Ramen noodle bathed in piping hot yet aromatic broth, simply talking about it is making us drool. If you’re a huge Ramen fan, then we’re here to share with you guys this hidden Hokkaido Ramen joint in Novena, Menya Kanae. Be sure to read till the end because if there’s one more thing we love, it’s most definitely food deals. Let’s go!

Menya Kanae:  A Hidden Hokkaido Ramen Bar In Novena

Here in Singapore, we can find Ramen joints anywhere. It’s like Ramen bars here are dime a dozen, so when we spotted this hidden Hokkaido Ramen bar, we cannot wait to let you guys know all about it. Menya Kanae is located at Novena Regency and their specialty is the in-house Ebi broth. It’s made from a blend of ground big prawns, lobster bisque, and a unique seafood sauce imported directly from Japan! 

Menya Kanae Novena Singapore
Photo: Menya Kanae
Menya Kanae Novena Singapore
Photo: Menya Kanae

While here, don’t miss out on Menya Kanae’s specialty Ebi Ramen. Each mouth-watering bowl features two slices of tender chashu, two flame-seared Tiger prawns, half an oozy ajitama egg, spring onions, beansprouts, bamboo shoots, black fungus, pickled vegetables, and crispy sakura ebi tempura flakes. That isn’t all! It also has red chili strings as a final garnish, making it slurp-worthy with its thin, springy ramen noodles!

Menya Kanae Novena Singapore
Photo: @kwleong (Instagram)

Menya Kanae Novena Singapore

Not a fan of prawns? Kanae has a wide selection of authentic Hokkaido ramen to pick from. Ranging from Tokusei Hokkaido Tonkotsu Miso all the way to Asahikawa Tonkotsu Shoyu ramen, you’re in for a belly-satisfying treat.

The Tokusei Hokkaido Tonkotsu Miso Ramen incorporates miso paste from Hokkaido resulting in a sweet and umami broth. It’s also topped with four pieces of tender chashu, minced pork, sweet corn, bamboo shoots, black fungus, pickled vegetables, beansprouts, and an ajitama egg. Go for the classic no-frills bowl at only $10.80 while for the full works, get it at $15.80.

If you have a knack for spicy things, we highly recommend trying out Kanae’s Original Red Spicy Paste. It’s made in house from scratch and takes over 3 hours to achieve the desired fiery flavour profile and consistency. Find this in their Birikara Spicy Miso Ramen or Tokusei Karauma Red Tonkotsu Ramen!

50% Off 2nd Bowl Of ANY Ramen Until 31st January 2021

Drooling already? From now until 31st January 2021, get the 2nd bowl of Menya Kanae Ramen at 50% off. It’s applicable to all their Ramen so bring along your friends and have a Ramen feast. Bye!

Menya Kanae Novena Singapore

Address: #01-08, Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307645

Hours: 11AM – 10:30PM Daily

For reservations, contact: (+65) 6261 6205

Link(s): Facebook | Instagram 

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