Spicy Green Chilli With Crispy Fried Chicken Rice At Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

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Spicy Green Chilli With Crispy Fried Chicken Rice

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This time around, we will be heading down to Sims Vista Market & Food Centre to tickle our tastebuds. Find a humble hawker with green signage that reads, ‘Green Chilli Chicken Rice’, and you will know that you’re in the right spot. As the signage has suggested, this spot is famous for Green Chilli Chicken Rice since 1999!

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Alright, let’s dive in! Green Chilli Chicken Rice is a must-try if you love all things spicy and crispy. The highlight of the dish is none other than a deep-fried chicken thigh, topped with green chilli. Netizens who had the opportunity to try it mentioned that the fried chicken is crispy, and the meat comes off from the skin easily.

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With green chilli as the topping, expect a little spicy kick, and tangy flavour. The dish is complete with basmati rice, prawn crackers, cucumbers, and additional homemade sauce. Due to its popularity among locals, do expect a queue during peak hours.

Despite the chicken thigh being quite large in size, the price affordably starts from $5 per plate.

Find It At Sims Vista Market & Food Centre

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Address: 49 Sims Pl, Singapore 380049

Operating Hours: Daily except for Friday, 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

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