Get KFC Cheese Fries At Just $1.95 For A Limited Time Only

The highlight of KFC is their fried chicken, but their cheese fries are equally popular amongst customers! It’s a bore to just eat fried chicken by itself, so KFC’s side dishes are popular options. Out of their many side dishes, cheese fries are the most loved by customers.

Get KFC Cheese Fries At Just $1.95 For A Limited Time

With this, we are delighted to share the news that you can now get KFC Cheese Fries at just $1.95 for a limited time only! It is available at all KFC stores nationwide, except KFC Kidzania, Sentosa and Singapore Zoo.

Their signature cheese fries feature their thick-cut fries, loaded with nacho cheese, mayonnaise and spring onions atop! The cheese flavour is not too strong, but is enough to satisfy your cheese cravings. No wonder it is such a hit with customers!


This deal is one worth rushing down to your nearest KFC for. The usual price of cheese fries are pretty hefty, setting you back $4.20. With almost $3 off of these cheese fries, you can go crazy and order up to three sets of cheese fries per transaction.

Photo: @KFC

You can pair your $1.95 cheese fries deal with KFC’s latest Tze-Char Cereal Fried Chicken to get a whole meal out of your visit to KFC. Make sure you make the most out of this amazing deal!

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