Young Hawkerpreneur’s Fishball Noodles Stall Forced to Close, Finally Reopens at Amoy Street Food Centre.

Third-Generation Hawker!


  • Delonix Tan is a third-generation hawker running a fishball noodle stall in Amoy Street Food Centre.
  • Unfortunately, the stall (SanDai Fishball) had to close due to Singapore’s circuit breaker period.
  • As of 2nd June, however, the stall is finally open again – and you can support it!

There’s no disputing that Singapore’s hawker culture is our pride and joy. In recent years, though, there have been rising concerns over the next generation’s interest in becoming part of the tradition. Over the past few years, the question has become: “Will we still have a hawker culture in 30 years?” But fret not, Foodies – the answer seems to be yes, if the reopening of Delonix Tan’s fishball noodle stall is any indication!

Third-Generation Hawker

Photo: Delonix Tan Wei Jie (Facebook)

Located at Amoy Street Food Centre (#02-128), the stall’s name “三代鱼圆”, or “SanDai Fishball”, translates roughly to “Three-Generation Fishball”. Tan is a third-generation hawker. In other words, his family has been making fishball noodles “since the 1960s”, according to his Facebook post (which you can read here). That’s a hawker tradition dating further back than Singapore’s official independence – which is absolutely incredible!

Unfortunately, however, Singapore’s recent circuit-breaker measures meant that this history-touched stall had to close – after just 4 days of operations.

COVID-19 Closure

Tan mentions in his Facebook post that he was forced to close his stall as it is located in Amoy Street Food Centre in the central business district area. It would have had “close to 0 footfall” during the circuit breaker period – when everyone would’ve been working from home. There’s good news, though. Since the circuit breaker period has officially ended, SanDai Fishball reopened on 2nd June, and we’re definitely excited!

An Uncertain Reopening

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though. Given how new Tan’s business is, he doesn’t have his own customer base yet. “I love the hawker scene and [am] proud to be a third generation hawker,” Tan writes, “but if things [don’t] improve my cashflow won’t last for long.”

Photo: Delonix Tan Wei Jie (Facebook)

But if quality is any indication, SanDai Fishball should have no problem gathering a dedicated following. All the yong tau foo items from the stall are 100% yellowtail fish – and 100% handmade!

Photo: Delonix Tan Wei Jie (Facebook)
Photo: Delonix Tan Wei Jie (Facebook)

Just thinking about the bite and the deliciousness of those fishballs makes our mouths water, and we know that we won’t be able to stay away for long!


We don’t know about you, but everything we’ve heard about this hawker stall so far makes us want to make a trip down there ourselves! Besides, a third-generation hawker is in need of our support. Won’t you help?

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