Famous Beo Crescent Curry Rice At Tiong Bahru Moving Out On Sept 4

For fans of curry rice, unfortunately, this popular stall is next to bite the dust. No Signboard Curry Rice, more commonly known as Beo Crescent Curry Rice, will be moving out of its current location on Sept 4. This famous stall has been around since 1988 and has been serving up incredible Hainanese Curry Rice for over 34 years.


Beo Crescent Curry Rice Moving Out 

Photo:@missyglutton (Instagram)

According to a Facebook post, the coffee shop where the stall presides has been bought over by another landlord and will be undergoing renovations. As a result, the existing tenants will have to relocate, including the curry rice stall. Although Beo Crescent Curry Rice plans to relocate, they have yet to decide on a current location.

Image:@missyglutton (Instagram)

Despite not having a stall name or signboard, Beo Crescent Curry Rice has continued garnering a loyal fan base over the years from all corners of Singapore. Renowned for their Hainanese curry rice, dishes like their crispy pork, curry squid, braised pork, and stir-fried cabbage are what draw customers to their stall daily. Costing only $5 to $6 for a hearty and delicious meal, it’s no surprise to see why this stall has continued to be a go-to spot for many.


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It’s safe to say that the queues will be getting even longer now after this news. For those who have yet to try it, be sure to head down before Sept 4 as there’s currently no update on when or where they will be relocating to.

Hurry down now while you still have the chance!

Cover Photo: @missyglutton (Instagram), @fatskinnytums (Instagram)

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