This Spot In Golden Mile Complex Offers Bangkok’s Famous Crab Omelette Fried Rice

Thailand is notable for its wide range of fantastic street food that leaves you wanting more. It all boils down to amazing flavours that it has to offer. It is one of the many reasons why Singaporeans love to visit Bangkok. In recent years, one of Bangkok’s best offering, Crab Omelette Fried Rice, became a viral hit, for many good reasons.

And now you can get Crab Omelette Fried Rice in Singapore

Photo: Flying Pig (Facebook)
Photo: Flying Pig (Facebook)

Originally served in a humble eatery in Bangkok, many netizens shed a light on Crab Omelette Fried Rice due to its generous amount of thick crab meat, and luscious omelette. The tantalising photographs on the Internet are good enough to make a person buy a flight ticket to Bangkok. Well, since that’s not an option right now, here’s another good option. It’s time to head down to Golden Mile Complex!

Photo: Flying Pig (Facebook)

Introducing Flying Pig, one of the many eateries available right here. Flying Pig has mastered the ways of making the perfect Crab Omelette Fried Rice. Priced at $10, the Crab Omelette Fried Rice looks extremely similar to the original eatery. If you’re looking to up your game, perhaps the elite version, Special Fried Rice, will do you right.

Photo: Flying Pig (Facebook)
Photo: Flying Pig (Facebook)

The elevated version is packed with basil pork, prawns, and garlic. Apart from these two treats, Flying Pig has other Thai offerings that are worth trying. Tickle your tastebuds with choices such as Beef Tendon Spicy Soup, Chicken Feet Spicy Soup, Spicy Century Egg Salad, and so many more! Planning to feast? Well, you can always bring your friends with you!

The luscious dish is now available in Singapore

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Address: 5001 Beach Rd, #01-39, Singapore 199588

Operating Hours: Daily, 12:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

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