Chef Yamashita Teppei Opens New Japanese Dining Concept Kai Kai Sushi & Grill At Wisma Atria

With 24 years of culinary experience, Chef Yamashita Teppei, renowned for Teppei Japanese Restaurant and Unagi Tei (previously known as Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant) which was previously awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand has recently opened a new Japanese dining concept, Kai Kai Sushi & Grill in Food Republic Wisma Atria.


New Japanese Dining Concept At Wisma Atria

Chef Yamashita Teppei

The name “Kai Kai,” colloquially meaning “go out” in Singaporean terms, aptly captures Chef Teppei’s vision to inspire diners to venture out and explore the rich tapestry of Japanese cuisine. The name is further enriched by the inclusion of the Japanese kanji character ‘海’ (kai), symbolizing the sea and reflecting the brand’s commitment to importing the freshest seafood and ingredients directly from Japan, such as their abalone skewers and squid, as well as cod which is sourced from Ishikawa.

Kai Kai Shiok Maki Roll
Beef Steak, Sliced Beef, Onsen Egg, Garlic Chips

Kai Kai Sushi & Grill sets itself apart by presenting a unique fusion of restaurant-quality cuisine at affordable prices within a casual dining izakaya-style ambiance. The extensive menu invites diners on a culinary journey, featuring a diverse array of beloved Japanese dishes. From appetizers and skewers to hot pot specialties, the menu also showcases the restaurant’s signature offerings, including expertly crafted sushi and grilled dishes.

A signature outlet exclusive demonstrating Chef Teppei’s creative flair is the Kai Kai Castle Bento. This delightful ensemble comprises of chopped tuna belly, tempura, salmon roe, flying fish roe, and mixed sashimi. What sets it apart is not only the incredible combination of flavours but also the presentation, as it is artfully arranged in a Japanese castle bento display.

For sukiyaki enthusiasts, Kai Kai offers a true delight with its Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki. This exquisite dish features Hitachiwagyu beef, sourced directly from the Ibaraki prefecture in Japan. The beef is meticulously cultivated over 30 months, with a focus on carefully selected fodder, resulting in a heavenly melt-in-your-mouth texture.

Kai Kai Sushi & Grill aims to redefine the dining experience bringing together Chef Teppei’s culinary mastery and a dedication to affordability. With our launch in the heart of Orchard Road introducing new and improved Japanese dishes that are value for quality, I hope Kai Kai can be the next go-to dining destination for many customers to enjoy their every meal”, said Chef Teppei.

Hurry down and try it for yourself today!


Address: 435 Orchard Rd, #04-21 Food Republic Wisma Atria, Singapore 23887

Operating Hours: 11.30am to 10pm

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