Cafe Kreams in Singapore Looks Like Korea During Autumn Season


  • Cafe Kreams looks like Namiseon (South Korea) with beautiful orange leaves.
  • It almost feels like a picnic.
  • Coffee prices range from $7 to $9.

With most of us are dutifully staying at home in Singapore, some of us are probably missing the idea of exploring new places. Luckily for all of us, there are so many places to explore islandwide, and some of them may even transport you to other countries, too. Have you been to Korea? Now, you can visit ‘Korea’ in the comfort of your own country. It begs the question, how?

Cafe Kreams Looks Like Korea During Autumn Season

Photo: @cafe.kreams (Instagram)
Photo: @cafe.kreams (Instagram)

Established in 2009, Cafe Kreams has been a well-loved cafe for its intricate decorations. Step inside, and you will notice that the ceiling is beautifully decorated with autumn leaves in every corner. With hues of oranges, you will feel like you’re out of the country in no time! Decked with wooden furniture, it will almost feel picnic-like, and close to the vibes that Namiseom (South Korea) exudes.

Photo: @cafe.kreams (Instagram)
Photo: @cafe.kreams (Instagram)

What feels good in autumn? Coffee in hands, of course. Cafe Kreams is notable for its handcrafted selection of coffee. Affordably priced from $7 to $9, have a taste of Korea’s famous Dalgona coffee, Creamy Choco, Sweet Potato Latte, and Cloud Latte. Unlike the usual whipped Dalgona coffee that one would make at home, Cafe Kreams’ version comes with toffee crisps. Pair coffee with homemade scones, and a book for the perfect afternoon treat!

The Perfect Afternoon In Korea, But At Singapore.

Photo: @samleejj (Instagram)
Photo: @cafe.kreams (Instagram)

It seems that Cafe Kreams is perfect for gatherings, too. After all, the cafe has ample seats. However, it is always best to go out in small groups to practice social distancing. Do you know any other whimsical cafes located in Singapore? Who will you be checking out Cafe Kreams with? Will it be with a friend, or with a book? Let us know in the comments! See you in the next post.

Address: 32 Maxwell Rd, #01-07 Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115

Operating Hours: Open daily except Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

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