Cafe Colbar Is An Old School Hidden Cafe That Serves Hearty Meals At Whitchurch Road

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Cafe Colbar Is An Old School Hidden Cafe

Photo: @stefanpang (Instagram)
Photo: @stefanpang (Instagram)

Nothing kick starts the weekend than having breakfasts with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a humble spot to check out – it’s time to head down to Whitchurch Road. Here lies Cafe Colbar, an old-school hidden cafe. With a large ‘Cafe Colbar’ signage, it is pretty hard to miss out on the blue store.

Photo: @stefanpang
Photo: @stefanpang (Instagram)

Although the spot looks pretty simple, it appears to be very delightfully decorated. Once you have stepped in, be transported back to the olden eras. Find mismatch tables and chairs, similar to those you will find in coffee shops. At the beverage counter, there’s a display of old television.

Photo: @roderick_mills (Instagram)
Photo: @limeixian (Instagram)

Don’t forget to take a peep in the old cabinet, where you will find all forms of knick-knacks. There are indoor and outdoor seatings, so take your pick! The humble cafe has many hearty offerings, mostly comprised of fried items. In the morning, have yourself some sunny side ups with sides of fried chicken, and potatoes.

Photo: @someonethatlovesfood (Instagram)

How about something from the sea, instead? Well, Cafe Colbar got you covered with the traditional fish and chips. In addition to this, Cafe Colbar has other offerings including fried rice and sandwiches. Who are you going to Cafe Colbar with this weekend?

Find It At Whitchurch Road In Singapore

Address: 9A Whitchurch Rd, Singapore 138839

Operating Hours: Daily except for Monday, 11:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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