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BREAKING: Playmade x Yeo’s Soy Bean Series Now Available In S’pore!

Bubble Tea + Soy Bean?!

From 31 Jan – 16 Feb,  Playmade will be selling the limited edition Playmade x Yeo’s Soy Bean Series! As they will also be releasing Soy Bean pearls, you can truly get the full Soy experience! 🥤

Playmade x Yeo’s Soy Bean Drink Series Launching 1 Feb, 2020!

Soy Bean Drink Series

Playmade x Yeo's
Photo: @playmadeonezo (Instagram)

Infused with Playmade’s freshly brewed teas and Yeo’s Soy Bean drink, bubble tea and soy lovers can look forward to a playful medley of flavours. You will be able to find the Soy Bean Drink series at all Playmade outlets in Singapore.

*The drink itself costs $3.80 (M) & $5.20 (L), but if you wish to add Soy Bean Pearls, they will cost an additional $1(M) or $1.60 (L)!

Playmade x Yeo's
Photo: Gabriel Choo / Yahoo Lifestyle (Website)

Yeo’s is a brand that for many of us, brings back nostalgia & childhood memories. They’re known for selling a variety of beverages such as coconut water, tea, and you guessed it — soy bean drinks!

In collaboration with Playmade, they’re currently hosting a giveaway on Instagram where you can stand a chance to win yourself and 2 friends a Playmade BBT each and a limited edition Yeo’s glass collectible set! You may find more details here. Sounds soy good to us!

Playmade x Yeo’s Soy Bean Drink Series Launching 1 Feb, 2020!

Have you tried Playmade’s Soy Bean Series yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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