This Stall In Sengkang Is Known For Their Prawn Noodle With Large Prawns And Rich Broth

Hello there foodies! Do you sometimes heed your cravings and get them satiated as soon as you can? Well, if you’ve been craving a bowl of Prawn Noodle, then we have a recommendation. Head over to Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 for a Prawn Mee indulgence like no other. Keep reading as we tell you more reasons to pay this stall a visit!

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Serves Lip-Smacking Prawn Mee

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 isn’t a new kid on the block, in fact, this chain has been expanding lately to a total of 3 outlets in Singapore. Today, we’re gonna be focusing on the SengKang outlet which has been operating for less than a year.

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @jtan5703 (Instagram)
Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @auntiekongfoodie (Instagram)

This prawn noodle chain is aptly named, each bowl of al dente noodles comes drenched in a rich, flavourful broth and comes topped with a generous amount of large-sized prawns. Each bowl has at least 5 pieces of halved prawns.

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @rockysam382 (Instagram)

Also, one sip and you can tell the broth has its sweetness from the prawns and pork ribs. Worry not, as both dry and broth versions of Prawn Noodle are equally lip-smacking.

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @lyd.eats_ (Instagram)
Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @yolove666 (Instagram)

Additionally, this prawn noodle stall is already garnering the attention of many locals. During peak hours, you can expect to see a snaking queue of hungry foodies, eagerly waiting to savour a bowl of piping hot Prawn Noodle.

Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 Sengkang
Photo: @jtan5703 (Instagram)

If you love additional toppings on your bowl of noodle, then Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 lets you add-on a variety of ingredients too. Pick from clams, pork ribs, intestines or even sliced abalone! Really, you get to call all the shots here.

Enjoy A Bowl Or Two Of Hae Mee

So, are you already drooling? Head over to Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面 and order yourselves a bowl or two of this delicious Hae Mee. Enjoy!

Address: Big Prawn Noodle 大虾面, P12 Food Paradise, 205D Compassvale Lane, Singapore 544205

Operating Hours: 7.45 AM-6 PM (Closed on Thursdays)

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