This New Spot At Arab Street Serves Awesome Yakult-Based Drinks With Different Flavours (Bubblegum Slushie, Peach Mocktail & More)

Do you want to indulge yourself with something cold and refreshing in this Singapore heat? Well, at Yakoolzuna, you can get all sorts of refreshing drinks to quench your thirst! The best part, is they use Yakult- a popular drink in Asia as a base for all their drinks! They also serve 0% alcohol for those who want to try those drinks, without any of the drawbacks!

Yakult-Based Drinks At Arab Street

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Yakoolzuna originally started as a home-based business and turned into a Pasar Malam stall which turned into an official bar! At the heart of Arab street, they face fierce competition from many other restaurants and cafes. However, with their unique selling point and delicious flavours, they will no doubt be the talk of the town! Their decor is also pleasant! Marble table tops, simple and complementary colours and the symmetrical style is gorgeous to look at!

Image: Singapore Foodie

With their soft launch coming on 8 July – 10 July, they are preparing to bring in a huge crowd of new customers! They have a lot to look forward to with added dishes, snacks and much more! These foods are picked specifically to pair with the drinks! A lot of thought was involved in developing the menu and it shows! Also, the staff and owners are very welcoming! They engage in conversations, give recommendations and even let you pick the music! Overall, this bar has awesome vibes!

Tasty And Unique Drinks With Many Flavours

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Their Babuyega ($7.00) is an outstanding drink! According to the owner, this drink wasn’t well-received at first. During their time at the Pasar Malam, almost no one ordered this drink! However, things have changed! This drink is now easily the most popular drink they have! It has a rich yet refreshing bubblegum flavour, and a smooth texture and is topped with fruit loops- that somehow stay crunchy! This is definitely a Yakoolzuna signature!

Image: Singapore Foodie

The Sakura Blossom ($7.00) is a unique drink, to say the least. The drink itself is in a beautiful pink hue. It looks amazingly delicate! However, the flavours will leave you thinking otherwise. It has a blend of different berries that complement the tart Yakult flavour. Essentially, this drink is a posh fruit punch! The texture is still very smooth with no chunks of ice, a semi-sweet flavour and the berry medley adds slight tartness as well!

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Want to try a classic cocktail without the alcohol? Well, the Peachy Sunrise ($6.50) is a Yakult-based mocktail that is both beautiful to look at, and delicious to taste! The flavours are surprisingly tart. It is not too sweet and is perfectly balanced! This is by far the most refreshing drink of the three. If you want to cool off on a sunny day, get the Peachy Sunrise!

Head Down To Yakoolzuna For Amazing Drinks Today!

Do note that their soft launch is happening this weekend, with them introducing new items such as drinks and food! This spot is located at the centre of Arab Street so do prepare for a large crowd! Hurry down today and try out their delicious drinks!

Address: 23 Arab St, Singapore 199722

Operating Hours: Daily, 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m on Fri & Sat.

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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