This Japanese Fusion Miso & Shoyu Mee Pok With Chashu At Clementi For $6 Is A Must-Try!

Anyone here tired of eating the same kind of food everyday? Wish you could eat something that was “same-same but different”? Now you can! At Li Yuan Mee Pok you will get the familiar taste of Mee Pok fused with the taste of Japanese flavours. Indeed a “same-same but different” taste with every bite!


Classic Mee Pok With A Japanese Twist

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Offering 2 mixes of flavours, customers can choose between miso and shoyu, with dry and soup versions available. Ingredients are the same for both versions with the sauce mix being the primary difference. The Miso has a salty yet sweet taste while the Shoyu is light yet full of umami. As both sauces offer different types of flavours, it is recommended to try both to have the full Japanese fusion experience.

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The noodles are perfectly cooked and each strand is coated evenly, ensuring every bite is bursting with flavour. Garnished on top are fried pork lard pieces to give an added texture and umami to the dish. Each dish comes with two thick and succulent slices of chashu that are delightfully fatty and tender, making every bite simply delcious.

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The minced pork has a good ratio of fat to lean meat and absorbs the sauce mix well. To top it off, a single meatball and slice of abalone are added to complete the dish.

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Though a little bit pricey at $6-$8, it is certainly rare to find other places serving Mee Pok wth chashu, yet alone Japanese Fusion Mee Pok. Overall, LI Yuan Mee Pok is still worth the try for its uniqueness and quality. Hurry down for a taste today!

Li Yuan Mee Pok At Rong Fa Coffee Shop

Address: 710 Clementi West Street 2, #01-247, Singapore 120710

Operating Hours

  • Tues to Sat, 9am to 8.30pm
  • Sun. 9am to 3pm

Cover Photo: @agnes_sl(Instagram), @fewofmyfav.tings (Instagram).

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