This NEW Cafe At Buona Vista Serves Insta-Worthy Cotton Candy French Toast And Fried Chicken & Waffles

Joining the group of cafes at The Star Vista is Dewgather, an Australian-themed cafe that opened last year in August. Serving up stunning desserts like their Cotton Candy French Toast, they also offer awesome mains like their Fried Chicken & Waffles that you should definitely check out!

Dewgather Coffee House At Buona Vista

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Image: Singapore Foodie

Larger than your typical cafes, Dewgather features a spacious 20-seater indoors, with outdoor seating accommodating up to 40 diners. The cafe is decked in a modern and contemporary look, with dusty pink and industrial flooring. On a sunny day, diners can enjoy the sunlight shining through the glass roof, illuminating the cafe.

Photo: Singapore Foodie
Photo: Singapore Foodie

Like most cafes, Dewgather offers an array of menu items ranging from Mains, Sides, and Desserts which are available from 11am onwards on weekdays and 9am on weekends. Toasties are also available with five different flavours to choose from – Truffle Honey with Vegemite ($8), Nutella with Berry & Peanut Butter ($7), Hickory Smoked Ham ($7), Texas Pulled Pork ($9) and Tuna ($7).

Image: Singapore Foodie

For mains, diners can go for some of the chef’s recommendations like the Dew Harvest Bowl ($22) and Dew Swordfish Pasta ($24). Sides include the Chips with Garlic Aioli ($8) and Fish Goujon & Tartar Sauce ($10) while classic desserts like Waffles and Ice Cream ($16) are available after 5.30pm.

French Toast ($18)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Starting off with their best-seller, the French Toast is a dessert that’s a certainly a feast for the eyes. Be sure to prepare your cameras as the cotton candy melts fast! This instagrammable dish is served with creme anglaise ice cream, brown sugar crumble, crushed pistachio, berry compote, and candy floss, all upon a thick slice of brioche bread. The brioche is toasted well, giving it a nice crispy edge while the middle has a delightful fluffiness.

Image: Singapore Foodie

Flavourwise, it is overall on the sweet side which is perfect for all you sweet tooths. There is a hint of brown sugar and the ice cream adds a touch of creaminess while being the main source of sweetness for the dish, Adding a layer of tartness is the berry compote, helping to balance out the sweetness and keeping the dish from being too jelak. Furthermore, the pistachio crumbs are crunchy, and their nuttiness is a good contrast to the sweet flavours. Each bite is an amazing blend of textures with a delightful burst of sweetness!

Fried Chicken & Waffles ($20)

Photo: Singapore Foodie

A classic pairing, the fried chicken is done really well but unfortunately, the waffle is a letdown. You would typically expect the waffle to be crispy but the waffle here is sadly soggy. As the waffle is airy, it gets even soggier after you pour the maple syrup, giving it a slightly mushy texture after a while.

Image: Singapore Foodie

The chicken however is fried beautifully, with the batter having the perfect thickness ensuring it still remains light. Crispy and juicy, it pairs perfectly with the kimchi while the maple syrup adds sweetness and balance to the savouriness of the chicken and waffle. There is hardly any trace of the garlic aioli as well, but that could be due to the amount of maple syrup poured onto the chicken.

Overall, although the waffle isn’t great, the chicken truly is the star and each bite is an incredible balance of sweet and savoury, making this dish worth a try.

Photo: Singapore Foodie

Head Down To Dewgather Today!

For those in need of a perk-me-up in the morning, Dewgather offers coffee like their Iced Black ($5) as well as refreshing beverages like their Yuzu Fizz ($5) at really affordable price points. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a place to chill with some good food, this is a spot certainly worth checking out. Hurry down today!

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #01-46, The Star Vista, Singapore 138617

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 8am – 10pm & Sunday, 7.30am – 10pm

Cover Photo: Singapore Foodie

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